So The Story Goes

by Dani Dorchin

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Following his self-titled debut record, Dorchin is back with a super groovy, full-length studio album featuring his all star band including the Ramirez brothers and producer Sefi Zisling (RAW TAPES), presenting his take on mediterranean blues-rocknroll record.
Dorchin is known for his powerful one-man-band performances. In this record, he had the opportunity to explore beyond his two-hands and two-feet for a deeper and more complex sound. The result is 12 track album that will make you twist, shake and boogie.


released May 19, 2017

All songs by Dani Dorchin
Produced by Sefi Zisling
Arranged by Sefi Zisling, Dan Zeitune and Dani Dorchin
Horns arranged by Sefi Zisling, Shlomi Alon and Yair Slutzki
Recorded and Mixed by Dan Zeitune at Stairway Studio
Additional recordings:
Horns recorded by Shlomi Alon at Salomon’s Salon
Keys recorded by Nomok at Schneorson’s Pad
Mastering by Nomok
Front cover art by Reinhard Sato (Suave)
Back and inner cover art by Moran Dorchin
Cover design by Jud Moscovich

Dani Dorchin - Vocals, Guitar (1-2, 5-8,11-12), Banjo, Harmonica, Percussion, Bass (2)
Uzi Ramirez - Guitars (1,3-6, 9-11)
Kitkit Ramirez - Drums and coughs
Gilad Abro - Bass, Double bass (except 2, 7-8)
Nomok - Keys
Sefi Zisling - Trumpet, Percussion, Congas (2)
Shlomi Alon - Baritone and Tenor Saxophone
Yair Slutzki - Trombone
Uri Dorchin - Congas
Layla Moallem - Backing Vocals
Jasmin Moallem - Backing Vocals
Gal Frenkel - Violin (10)
Dan Zeitune - Bass (7), percussion (6)

Chompi Records 2017



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Dani Dorchin Israel

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Track Name: Afraid and Entertained
Hair falling off of my head, grows right on my back
And all of the tears I cry won't ever bring it back
Take that mirror of the wall
But that won't do no good at all
Better get up off of that couch and climb some place where I might fall

'Cause when you're about to lose your head
You don't worry about your curls

When the boat gets rocky and the suits start to break a sweat
That's when you know for sure that some iron is about to melt
Unless you're as blind as a bat
Unless you're so very well tamed
It's the first rule of keeping us afraid and entertained

'cause when about to lose your head
You don't worry about your curls
Track Name: I Got a Thing
I got a thing, I can’t seem to find,
clutters up my head, clouding up my mind
I got a thing crawling up my spine,
I'd give it all away but it isn't mine

I got a thing I can’t seem to bite,
keeps me on my toes, keeps me out of sight
I got a thing boiling in my gut,
keep me up all night, keep me from thinking right

I got a thing I can’t see thru,
eating up my soul, keeps me apart from you
I got a thing as thick as glue,
and I can't shake it off no matter what I do

I got a thing, won't let me be,
it keeps my self so far away from me
The race it never ends, and I can't help but run
I'm running late ahead of time
Track Name: Somebody Else
Sometimes I can't remember, sometimes I just can't decide
Am I still down in the ghetto? could it be that I am the guard?
Can't tell which side I'm on,
Am I inside, outside, flipside of the fence?
Is it just a matter of circumstance?
Because it never really happens when it happens to somebody else

Sometimes they ask you - what do you think?
You don't say nothing at all,
Sometimes you cry so loud
ain’t no one there to hear your call
Somebody is hanging by their teeth,
There must be nothing you can do,
You’re just a pawn in their game,
Don’t you know it’s true?
That it never really happens unless it happens to you
Track Name: So The Story Goes
And so the feeling grows, I got to pack my songs
Move down that beat up road, just like I did before

And though I'm getting old, I still got time to find
A place to call my home, a way to ease my mind

To hold your head up high sometimes you'll have to crawl
To shun them easy tongues you got to let it roll

‘cause you can't lick your tongue, you can't bite your teeth
You can't sell guns and say you're in for peace

And though my fortune's told, and though I know it's cold
I got to leave my pond before the water boils

I know I'm mostly wrong, but I just might be right
I know it's mostly grey, there's hardly black or white

But you can't smell your nose, you can't marry your niece
You can't sell guns and say you're in for peace

Now my knees are shaky and my eyes are red
Now it's getting real, I think I'll stay in bed
Track Name: Some Say
Some say it's getting Better, I think they're mostly rich
I think it's getting worse now, it's true I like to bitch
Gonna bleed a while, when it's red enough I know it's gonna switch

Some say there is no sadness, they sing and dance and laugh and preach
Some say he's on his way now, I know they’re out of reach
But I've been a whale and I know just whom you cannot teach

Some say it's all in your head, Some say that nothing is
Some say it's just a toothbrush, Some say it's just a bridge
If I would be a fly on your wall you know I wouldn't flap a wing
If I had been your ma, all night long you know I wouldn’t sleep a wink
Track Name: What's Wrong With Me
What's wrong with me it's plain to see
My plane has crashed into your sea
Well I like your water but I wonder who's been swimming here with me

What's wrong with you, you wouldn't say
I got to know the rules if you want me to play
Well I got a feeling creeping in that you ain't gonna stay

You ain’t nothing but a flea looking for a dog
You ain't nothing but a wart looking for a hog
Living off of legends, going around kissing frogs

What I know I can't tell
I'd rather have wings then a tail
And that if you want to live then you have got to sell
Track Name: No Matter How
No matter how hard you try to
Get lost
Everybody wants to be
Track Name: Should've
I should have walked her to her car
I should have shown her the north star
But by the time I found my shoe
I was already way too blue

I should have tuned up her guitar
I should have shown her my old scar
But the world it moves too fast
I couldn't make that moment last

Show me something holier than fear
God knows that love is nowhere near
Take my precious lost moments and dust them outta here

I shouldn't have opened up that drawer
She probably heard it all before
Yes I could tell she was getting bored, I started feeling kind of sore
Sweat running out of every pore, Crying lord there must be more
It can't all be such a bore, Shouting I declare a war
Started crawling on the floor
She was headed for the door
Track Name: Long Days at the Lab
Well I been trying to get some sleep but the sofa's too short
From inside the aquarium I see the old train court
The master of the ceremony opens and closes the doors
His eyes are red he keeps his eye drops locked in a drawer

And I'm praying on a bird to come and take me away
I'm praying on great big bird to come and take me away

Well inside the aquarium the water's too hot
I try to get out but the doors are all locked
I'm trying to pray but it seems I'd forgotten the words
I wanna cry out loud but I seem to be missing my head

And I'm wishing on a whale to come and swallow me whole
I'm wishing on a great big whale to come and swallow me whole

Well inside the aquarium I'm trying to sleep
In the distance I spy as if in a dream
A whale coming towards me and he's quiet and gentle and green

And I slide inside and it's cosy and clean
In the back room my love is waiting for me
When she smiles I feel like the whole world is smiling at me
Track Name: Mishehu Aher
לפעמים אני שוכח, לפעמים אני פשוט לא זוכר
האם אני עדיין בגטו, האם אני רק השומר
האם אני לפני או מאחורי הגדר
כי זה לא באמת קורה
כל עוד זה קורה למישהו אחר

לפעמים אתה שותק כששואלים לדעתך
לפעמים אתה צועק ואין מי שישמע אותך
מישהו רוצה משהו
זה בטח לא עניינך
כי זה לא באמת קורה
עד שזה קורה לך
Track Name: Tell Me No Lie
Hey sugarcane tell me no lie, where will you run to when the water runs high?
To have it your way I'll see you in the pines
There's too much to lose now for me to have mine

There's no need to fear, no need to hide, open your window and let me inside
I will hear you out, I'll swallow your pride
I'll row the high seas, I'll ride the high tide

Can't you tell by my eyes that I'm done telling lies
When you say you don't need me no more, I think you just forgot

Call me a fake, call me a liar, all me a traitor if that's what you're like
But my heart's on my sleeve, my feet on high ground
I've plucked all my feathers, I've shot all my rounds

Can't you tell by my lies that I've lost both my eyes
When you say you don't need me no more I think you just forgot

And oh how the time flies by, and oh how the winds do howl

A bird without wings, a fly with no eyes, a hand without fingers, a choice without a price
A book without leaves, a cry with no sound, a wheel with no axis, a land with no past

Hey brother cane, tell me no lie, where will you run to when the water runs high?